Our Noodles

At Taishoken San Mateo, we make noodles fresh every day at our noodle room set up by machines brought from Japan. We have gone through many processes of trial and error to make the current noodle with the best affinity to our soup. The noodles are made in a temperature and humidity controlled room. We then let the noodles sit overnight and mature. This process prompts the degassing and hydration of the noodles and creates a perfect balance of texture and flavor. The greatest characteristic of our house-made noodles is the heigh texture and the natural aroma of the wheat. We also do not add any sort of preservatives to the noodles. Therefore, we recommend that you eat our ramen as soon as possible, as the noodles will grow limp and sticky quickly.



Our Soup

Our soups are cooked over two days with a combination of pork and chicken. During the whole process, chefs will watch over the soup and carefully skim the scum off. This makes the soup to have little to no foul smell and creates a deep flavor. Please enjoy our flavorful house-made soup rich with umami.