Authentic Ramen and Tsukemen since 1951



In 1951 Masayasu Sakaguchi moved to Nakano, Tokyo at age 27 to start the first Taishoken. At that time, the restaurant was a barrack made from plywood. Masayasu invited his relative, Kazuo Yamagishi, to help open and manage the restaurant. Years later, Yamagishi opened Taishoken in Higashi-Ikebukuro. In the following years, Yamagishi took on many apprentices and has made a notable mark on ramen in Japanese culture.

Tsukemen, a dipping noodle loved by many, was invented in Nakano Taishoken. On hot summer days, the staff would eat the cold leftover noodles by dipping it into a hot soup. Curious customers began requesting this dish, and it was soon put on the restaurant menu.  Sixty years later, the dish is now one of the national foods of ramen culture in Japan.

 Taishoken San Mateo is the first U.S. sister restaurant to Nakano Taishoken. It is run by Mitsuo Sakaguchi, the son of Masayasu, and Yoshihiro Sakaguchi, the grandson of Masayasu. They continue to search for new ways to create ramen and tsukemen that everyone will enjoy. Our mission is to contribute to the food culture of the world through real ramen and tsukemen. We hope you enjoy our legacy of ramen and tsukemen that has been carefully crafted since 1951.




創業地の中野大勝軒から直系としてのアメリカ一号店、Taishoken San Mateoでは、ラーメンとつけ麺・飲食店の新たな可能性を求め2代目と3代目の坂口光男・善洋が現地の嗜好に合わせ、新たなブランドとして発信していきます。私達のミッションは本物のラーメンとつけ麺を通じて世界の食文化に貢献していく事です。是非、1951年から始まる我々のストーリーとこだわり抜いたラーメン・つけ麺をお楽しみ頂けたら幸いです。